Twilight Zone

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Twilight Zone is a great Bally Pinball machine from the 1990's.
This particular example has a very nice original playfield and translight.
The cabinet has some light fade on the right side. The left side is perfect.
I have added some mods to this Twilight Zone. I have added Tracy's Robot,
Piano Mod, Rocket Ship Mod, Gumballs in the Gumball Machine and Tracy's Slot Machine Mod.
I have also added an interactive topper, The Power! It blinks and glows as you challenge
the Power throughout the game! Twilight Zone is truly a pinball player's game.
This game is in excellent Condition. One of my all time favorites!
Front View TZ0001.JPG Door TZ0002.JPG Right Cabinet Body TZ0003.JPG Right Cabinet Head TZ0004.JPG
Left Cabinet Body TZ0005.JPG Left Cabinet Head TZ0006.JPG Clock TZ0007.JPG Mini-Playfield TZ0008.JPG
Left Outlanes TZ0009.JPG Door Panels TZ0010.JPG Robot Mod TZ0011.JPG Pyramid Topper TZ0012.JPG
Rocket Ship Mod TZ0013.JPG Scoop TZ0014.JPG Gumball Machine Exit TZ0015.JPG Right Ramp TZ0016.JPG
Piano Mod TZ0017.JPG Mini-Playfield TZ0018.JPG Gumball Machine TZ0019.JPG Playfield Middle TZ0020.JPG
Slot Machine Mod TZ0021.JPG Apron (Left side) TZ0022.JPG Apron (Right Side) TZ0023.JPG Shooter Lane TZ0024.JPG
Skill Shot TZ0025.JPG Right Orbit TZ0026.JPG Underside TZ0027.JPG Door Panel Board TZ0028.JPG
Translight TZ0029.JPG DMD TZ0030.JPG Rod Serling TZ0031.JPG Town Square TZ0032.JPG
Pyramid Topper TZ0033.JPG