Williams Cosmic Gunfight

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Cosmic Gunfight is a great Williams Pinball machine from the 1981.
This particular example was restored by Keith Holbrook. Keith's
Originally purchased in 2011, this game had plenty of
Cosmic Gunfight is fast and fun! The playfield layout is well done.
This game is in absolute Mint Condition. One of my all time favorites!
The pictures below show the repainted cabinet.
CG0001.JPG CG0002.JPG CG0003.JPG CG0004.JPG
CG0005.JPG CG0006.JPG CG0007.JPG CG0008.JPG
CG0009.JPG CG0010.JPG CG0011.JPG CG0012.JPG
CG0013.JPG CG0014.JPG CG0015.JPG CG0016.JPG
CG0017.JPG CG0018.JPG CG0019.JPG CG0020.JPG
CG0021.JPG CG0022.JPG CG0023.JPG CG0024.JPG